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Toll Free: 866-979-4358

475 14th Street, Ste. #220,
Oakland, CA 94612


Rates & Fees

Fee Schedule Loan Rates

Effective as of: 08/1/2018
Account Research$20.00 Per Hour/$20.00 minimum charge
Return Item $25.00 Per Item
Garnishment$20.00 Per Garnishment
Photocopy$10.00 Per Copy
Statement Copy$ 5.00 Per Copy
Wire Transfer (Domestic)$ 20.00 Per Transfer
Wire Transfer (International)$ 30.00 Per Transfer
Overnight Mail (Domestic)$ 30.00 Per Package
Overnight Mail (International)$ 35.00 Per Package
Stop Payment$ 20.00 Per Check
Immigration Letter$ 10.00 Per Letter
Late Loan Payment 20% Of Interest Due
Replacement Card$ 25.00 Per Card
Insufficient Funds$ 25.00 Per Item
Check-by-Phone Payment$ 10.00 Per Item
Same Day VISA Payment$ 10.00 Per Transaction
Counter Check Payable to Another Party$ 10.00 Per Item
Transaction Activity Fee (over 6 transactions per month)$ 1.00 Per Month
Title Processing Fee$ Varies by State